Students of an Athens high school visited the Consulate of Kenya


A group of students of the Metamorfossi High School of Athens together with two of their teachers, Mrs.Irini Polikreti and Mrs. Anna Trigatzi, had a long and fruitful meeting with the Hon. Consul of Kenya, Mrs. Vicky Pantazopoulou, on the Consulate’s premises on February 20th 2016. The group is going to represent Kenya during the 19th Annual Session of the Athens Model United Nations (April 8th to 10th). They will present the policy of Kenya on various fields not only during the UN General Assembly but during Unesco’s General Conference as well.

The group has to give convincing answers to several topics regarding education, medical care system & other health issues (Aids / HIV etc), social life issues (corruption, protests, children exploitation, violence against women, role of tradition in contemporary society etc), politics & political freedom, modernization in various fields (transport means, agriculture etc), measures planned to make good use of the rich natural & cultural heritage, and, finally, illegal selling of articrafts.

The students discussed all the above both with the Consul and with Miss Judy Nyangaru, a young Kenyan lady attending postgraduate studies in an Athens University.