First trip to Kenya

The Hon. Consulate in the context of its activities to enhance tourism flow between Greece and Kenya has prepared four tours to various parts of Kenya the itinerary of which is customized to the specific interests of Greek tourists (namely:  1. A visit to the Masai people, 2. The sands of the Indian Ocean, 3. The land north of the Equator, 4. To magical Kenya, the legendary land).

The first trip to Kenya took place from the 5th to the 10th of April 2018, during the vacations of the Christian Orthodox Easter; Greek visitors left with the best memories from the land of the Masais and from Kenya in general. The visitors were accompanied by the Hon. Consul, Mrs. V. Pantazopoulou.

To make possible the tourism programme, the Consulate co-operates with a Kenyan travel agency and a Greek one (Memnon Travel).