Africa Day 2018 Celebration

Πρέσβεις και Πρόξενοι ε.τ. Αφρικανικών χωρών μαζί με τον Υφυπουργό Εξωτερικών, κο Τέρενς-Νικόλαο Κουίκ (ΥΠΕΞ, 2α Μαΐου 2018).

The African Group in Athens, comprising the African Embassies and Honorary Consulates accredited to the Hellenic Republic, organized for the first time in Greece the 1st Africa Day Convention to celebrate Africa Day 2018. The successful  event, that was attended by many representatives of the Greek business community, took place on May 2nd in the auditorium of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The Convention aimed also to launch all other parallel events programmed in the context of this year’s celebrations.